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It’s sad that nowadays…


people are more accustomed to seeing people be jerks rather than seeing people be nice to each other. Walking down the street, it would honestly surprise most people to see someone walk an old lady across the street or simply compliment a stranger, but if someone was mugged or shoved or called fat, people would usually overlook it because it is the norm. What happened to chivalry? It’s so rare to find in today’s society, and it saddens me. 

Have some self respect.


You don’t deserve to be ignored by the person you are putting so much effort in for, you don’t deserve to be made sad by the person who you’re trying to make the happiest. Find someone willing to meet you halfway, not someone who always expects the extra mile from you.

It’s hard to find someone that appreciates you


Nowadays, nobody acknowledges your struggle. They don’t see all that you do for them, they only notice the bad. You can do 10 rights, but that 1 wrong will cause them to condemn you. You try your best to make them happy, and it works, but there comes a time where you just can’t and it all falls apart. Where’s that person who appreciates me and return that love?

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I hope you don’t lose interest in me


I want to be someone that you love being around, someone you want to grow with. Someone you want to experience.


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You’ll meet plenty of guys..


And the majority of them will not be for you. It takes going through a number of relationships to find out what you truly want. Don’t let your past relationships hinder you from finding something great, and don’t be afraid to let go of what you once had. Use the guys you met in the past to encourage and aid you in finding the guy you truly want and need, because there will be someone out there for you, you just gotta find him.

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